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What we do

Through our reliable service and equally strong technical ability, we have a proven track record of building close partnerships with our clients.

We are driven by the need to develop new innovative energy-efficient solutions, and to continually search for new and better ways to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Through experience and sound engineering practices and with its proven track record, SIRAC is globally respected as an innovator and provider of reliable energy efficient solutions.

Who we are

SIRAC is a respected company that offers energy-saving products and innovative concepts for a broad range of commercial hot water heating applications and allied industries. Our extensive technical knowledge coupled with unrivalled industry expertise, allows us to tailor the best overall solutions mix for each customer need. Our innovative approach brings fresh perspectives and creative thinking when designing energy-efficient systems, ultimately delivering solutions for our clients that will effect positive change.

Our Products


Heat Pumps

SIRAC Heat Pump range is designed and manufactured to achieve the highest levels of quality and efficiency. Reliable international components, tracking global trends in connectivity. The inclusive range ensures the heating system matches the requirement


Pumping Systems Protection

SIRAC pump protection systems provide superior protection and control options for a wide range of water pumping applications. Partnering with global leaders, SIRAC provides a full turn-key water solution for all water movement applications


Heat Accumulator Systems

SIRAC has invented, designed and patented the THERMOCUBE™ and THERMOTUBE™ Heat Accumulator storage systems. These revolutionary products have re-shaped and reengineered the way in which hot water is stored and delivered.


Gas Heating Systems

SIRAC has pioneered the hybrid solution of heat accumulator storage and gas-fuelled water heating. The high-powered instantaneous heating capacity coupled with the smoothening effect and efficient storage of the heat accumulators, provide an efficient and high comfort hot water solution


Solar Thermal Systems

Solar thermal systems are the perfect choice for DHW heating and central heating backup. By harnessing freely available solar energy, you can save on the use of fossil fuels. What’s more, investments in solar thermal energy pay off in just a few years.

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