Domestic Heat Pumps About the Product


An air to water heat pump is a highly efficient, cost-effective water heater. Using a refrigeration vapour compression cycle, it extracts the free heat from the sun-warmed air and efficiently transfers it to the water. Because the heat pump moves the free heat from the outside air to the water, rather than generate heat from an energy source such as electricity or fossil fuels, it can heat water at up to 70% less cost than these other costly methods. As the ambient temperature changes, the heating output of a heat pump varies. However, even when temperatures are cooler the heat pump continues to transfer heat from the air to the water.

The SIRAC high efficiency, split type air to water heat pumps are specifically designed for efficient sanitary water heating. The unit has an attractive durable casing. It is supplied with an easy to operate, factory wired remote micro-processor control system that provides diagnostic control of the unit and a backlit temperature display. The unit controller includes RS485 Modbus full read/write connectivity.

Electronic expansion valves maintain precise refrigerant metering and are controlled by the microprocessor. The unit has a single refrigeration circuit with one Hitachi compressor. The unit has a purpose manufactured copper tube in shell heat exchanger that provides excellent efficiency and reduces tube fouling. Spacious compressor and electrical compartments provide easy access for servicing and maintenance.