80°C Heat Pumps About the product

SIRAC Heat Pumps are all supplied with an easy to operate, factory wired remote microprocessor control system providing diagnostic control of the unit and RS485 Modbus connectivity. The electronic expansion valves maintain precise refrigerant metering and are controlled by the microprocessor.

The compressors have been selected for their exceptional reliability and performance. All necessary refrigeration safety controls, a remote on/off switch and a circulating pump contactor are controlled by the microprocessor.

The unit has a purpose manufactured tube in tube heat exchanger that provides excellent efficiency and reduces tube fouling. Spacious compressor and electrical compartments provide easy access for servicing and maintenance.

When operating at 65°C water, the SIRAC Scroll Compressor operates in a very safe, stable and efficient part of the operating envelope. This results in an exceptionally high COP and reliability.