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Solar Thermal Systems

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Solar thermal systems are the perfect choice for DHW (Domestic Hot Water) heating and central heating backup. By harnessing freely available solar energy, you can save on the use of fossil fuels. What’s more, investments in solar thermal energy pay off in just a few years.

Vitosol Flatplate Collectors

About the Product
  • Vitosol 100-FM high performance flat-plate collectors with ThermProtect switching absorber layer
  • No overheating when outside temperatures are high or with low heat transfer
  • Increased solar coverage for central heating backup and DHW heating
  • Permanently sealed by all-round frame and seamless pane mounting
  • Quick and reliable connection through flexible stainless-steel corrugated pipe push-fit connectors
  • Universally suitable for above roof installation, flat roof installation, roof integration, or wall mounting
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Attractive design

Vitosol Evacuated Tube Collectors

About the Product
  • Highly efficient vacuum tube collector based on the heat pipe principle, with ThermProtect automatic temperature dependent shutdown for high operational reliability.
  • Protection against overheating during prolonged insolation.
  • Long service life due to low stagnation temperatures and prevention of steam forming within the system.
  • The absorber surfaces with highly selective coating, which are integrated into the vacuum tube, are not susceptible to contamination.
  • Efficient heat transfer through condensers fully surrounded by the copper Duotec twin pipe heat exchanger.
  • Optimum alignment with the sun, thanks to uncomplicated absorber alignment.
  • Dry connection, no contact between process medium and solar medium, i.e. individual tubes can be replaced whilst the system is fully charged.
  • Dark blue collector casing and absorber surfaces form a visually seamless appearance.
  • Highly effective thermal insulation of the header casing for minimum thermal losses.
  • Easy, quick installation with the Viessmann installation and connection systems


About the Product

ThermProtect, with its innovative automatic shutdown function, protects Vitosol flat-plate and vacuum tube collectors from overheating.


With ThermProtect automatic temperature-dependent shutdown in the Vitosol 200-FM and Vitosol 100-FM flat-plate collectors, Viessmann set a benchmark for efficient, operationally reliable solar thermal systems.


Now Vitosol 300-TM and Vitosol 200-TM vacuum tube collectors also feature this automatic shutdown facility, for reliably preventing the collectors from overheating.




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