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Pumping Systems & Protection

The SIRAC Pump Guard range of controllers provide an easy to use management system for many Industrial and Domestic pumping applications.


Dry Running is a major cause of pump failure – Pump Guard provides Dry Run protection without the need for sensors. Level control, drainage, pressure boosting and transfer applications are easily set with function switches.

Pump Guard

About the Product

The Pump Guard controllers are extremely user friendly with many features for controlling and protecting your pumps. Faults are displayed with real-time data and historical data retention. Control of your pumps is also possible from a slave controller. Many of the models come standard with an RS485 communication interface for easy integration into a Building Management System. The Pump Guard units have an intelligent dynamic LCD for ease of diagnostics and pump running information.


The IP54 rated enclosure is suitable for outdoor applications. The controllers have a simple easy to use Automatic Calibration feature that sets the pump overload settings utilising push buttons. Individual technical brochures are available for each model of Pump Guard.


Pump Systems

About the Product

SIRAC provides solutions for custom and standard water pumping systems. Offering a wide variety of options to suit the projects specific requirements.

SIRAC supplies and distributes the GRUNDFOS and WILO range of pumps, both these companies provide the highest level of quality, performance with a national service backup.


The range includes:

  • Lift Pumps
  • Jockey Pump
  • Booster Pumps and Pump Sets
  • Fire Pumps
  • Circulation Pumps
  • Sewage Pumps

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