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Pool Heat Pumps

Heat Pump technology indirectly uses Solar Energy. Unlike conventional electric or fossil fuel fired water heaters, heat pumps take heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to the water.


With your highly efficient SIRAC heat pump you can enjoy your swimming pool and spa all year round. They are affordable, reliable and their high efficiency keeps your electricity bill to a minimum.

Pool Heat Pumps

About the Product

Supplied with a Titanium heat exchanger, which is virtually impervious to chlorine, hydrochloric acid, salt and other chemicals. This heat pump has been engineered to heat corrosive water to 40°C. The large bore 50mm full flow connections on the heat exchangers also allow for light undissolved solids and waste matter to flow through the heat exchanger without fouling. This makes the unit the perfect solution for aquaculture and swimming pool applications.




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