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Heat Pumps


Cut your geyser-heating cost by up to 70% with a Split type or Integrated Heat Pump! 

Our domestic range of heat pumps are ideal for domestic sanitary hot water applications. 

Designed to produce water up to 60°C, our heat pumps are efficient and powerful. Our new range, using R410a refrigerant, provides superior efficiency during winter and summer ambient conditions. 


From small scale residential swimming pools to high end hotel aqua-centres, our Swimming pool heat pumps do it all. 

Supplied with a Titanium heat exchanger, they are impervious to chlorine, hydrochloric acid, salt and other chemicals. These heat pumps have been engineered to heat corrosive water to 40°C. 

Commercial & Industrial

Efficient, robust and reliable. The SIRAC Heat Pumps have a fantastic track record and have provided some of South Africa’s biggest residential, commercial and industrial buildings with hot water for over 15 years.

From Low Ambient – space heating applications all the way to High-Temperature Specific Heat Pumps. Our range is perfectly equipped to meet your design requirements.



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