SIRAC Commercial Hot Water

Heat Pumps are specifically designed to work efficiently in South African climatic conditions.

With attention to detail and innovative technology SIRAC is a commercial leader in the Hot Water Heat Pump industry.


The SIRAC product is a direct result of our vast experience, observations and field testing that has taken place since our first installation in 2007. Our heat pumps have been specifically designed to accommodate the requests from installers and engineers.


Features of the SIRAC Heat Pumps

Well engineered to provide years of reliable efficient operation.

Proven local and international track record.

Spacious and well engineered compressor compartment provides easy service access.

Heavy gauge galvanized steel panels, epoxy painted after manufacture. 304 Stainless steel casings available as an option for coastal conditions.

Recognised international component brands. *Copeland, Sporlan and Saginomiya

Electronic Expansion valve.

Intelligent controller programmed to provide maximum component ‘protection and accurate temperature control.

Environmentally friendly refrigerants – R410a , R417a and R134a

Purpose made SIRAC tube in tube heat exchanger designer to provide excellent efficiency, reliability and reduce tube fouling.


SIRAC offers a range of high temperature specific heat pumps. These machines are specifically designed to heat water beyond 60°C. The heat pumps are capable of heating water without the assistance of an electric element right up to 85°C.

They are extremely efficient water heaters, especially at the 60-65°C bracket. This product sets SIRAC apart from its competition with exceptional efficiency and durability. The high temperature is the perfect partner for our Thermocube TM indirect thermal storage tank.

Heat Pumps explained

  • 01

    A heat pump is a highly efficient

    cost effective method of heating water. It utilizes the sun’s free energy by extracting heat from the sun-warmed air and transferring it efficiently to the water.

  • 02

    Because the heat pump moves

    the free heat from the outside air to the water, rather than create heat, as a fossil fuel or electric resistance heater does, it can heat your geyser water for up to 70% less cost than these other less efficient methods.

  • 03

    As the ambient temperatures changes

    the heating output of a heat pump will vary. However, even when temperatures are cooler the heat pump continues to transfer heat between air and water. SIRAC heat pumps are designed to operate between -5°c and 40°c ambient temperature.