Viessmann acquires a controlling interest in SIRAC

New foothold in South Africa: Viessmann acquires a controlling interest in SIRAC a leading design, engineering and distribution company for energy saving products and solutions.


    • Focus on expansion into fast-growing markets in Africa
    • Global innovation and expertise with a greater commitment to resource and technology investment
    • SIRAC specialises in the engineering and distribution of reliable, energy efficient solutions for industry
    • Range of services includes planning, design, engineering and implementation of complex Hot Water and HVAC solutions

Cape Town (South Africa) / Allendorf (Eder, Germany), 28.05.2021 – The Viessmann Group, a German-based global enterprise in the development and manufacturing of energy efficient climate solutions, has acquired the South African company SIRAC, thus establishing a new foothold on the African continent. SIRAC is an innovative design, engineering and planning business that focuses on Energy Efficient Commercial Hot Water and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems for commercial buildings, mainly in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

With a full-time staff compliment of 30 employees, an established dealer network and fully accredited installers, SIRAC has a proven track record in their field of expertise. A pioneering research and development team focussed on exploring new products and services has secured their position in the market for the last 34 years. SIRAC’s footprint is particularly strong in the Western Cape and Gauteng provinces and extends onto Africa where unexplored markets has allowed them to take advantage of new business opportunities.

As a global family business and manufacturer of a range of heating and climate technologies, Viessmann is expanding in South Africa and strategically exploring new territories into the whole of Africa. “The partnership of Viessmann and SIRAC creates a strong platform to develop new innovative products and solutions for the African market,” says Head of Viessmann Investment, Timo Tauber, adding, “SIRAC leads the local industry through product innovation, experience and an exceptional understanding of the hot water heating business. The Viessmann Group, with its global partners, reinforces SIRAC’s potential and provides exciting growth opportunities for the company.”

Global expertise and R & D for growth across a broader market

“The SIRAC family is thrilled to be part of the Viessmann Group and looks forward to the opportunities this new association will bring to the South African and African markets,” says Jason Deane, CEO of SIRAC.  “We are an agile business and have had our sights set on African expansion for some time. This acquisition provides collaboration with global teams that will fast track learning processes, product credibility and reliability and also supports SIRAC solutions architects with more feedback from multiple industry experts. It’s a win-win for all parties involved and our clients will benefit from improved product reliability and access to a broader product base.” concludes Jason.

Setting the standard in the industry

SIRAC was founded in 1987 by the Deane family and is headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. Originally a distributor only of another manufacturer’s products, the distribution partnership was eventually sold and SIRAC shifted focus to engineering and distributing equipment and solutions for commercial hot water applications in the energy efficiency sector.

Core products include imported commercial heat pumps and their internally engineered, locally manufactured ThermocubeTM heat accumulator storage system, sold under the SIRAC brand. The inclusion of Viessman boosts SIRAC’s brand representation, broadens their access to cutting edge products, increases dealer support and firmly positions them to better service the market with an international partner.

When it comes to intelligent, cost saving, energy efficient technologies, this acquisition is a huge step in the right direction for industry in Africa with gains across multiple sectors.